Sunday, September 29, 2013

More pictures from Brandyn at the Provo MTC

My District!

Elder Engle and Elder Young at the Marriot Center

'I am eating about five cups of Ramen each night to keep the weight on before I go to Brazil.  I have gained 2 lbs. since I have been here!' 
Fun Times!

The MTC is being remodled, so we might be moved to the west building this week.

The view from my classroom window

I put Elder Richards to sleep while I was practicing for a musical number I  preformed in church.

Elder Young and Elder Hinckley (from Indiana)

Elder Young and Elder Gundred

Brother Beck's class

Brother Beck's class

Elder Richards, Elder Young, and Sister Haight (from Indiana) before she left for Brazil

My Notes!!

Elder Richards (going to Cuiaba Brazil) and Elder Young (Teresina, Brazil)

Where the Elders play soccer

working hard!

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