Friday, October 18, 2013

Last Day of the MTC!

Last day of the MTC!!
It's good to hear you all are still doing well! & had a good Columbus day yesterday.  The only thing better than a teacher in-service day is a snow day or Christmas.  It's crazy how fast time has flown!  The MTC is already putting up decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I even saw some workers starting to put up Christmas lights around campus.  Even though we are far from home (many here are from a different country) they make it fun & celebrate all the holidays.
There aren't really words to say how much I have loved the MTC.  After the mission I really want to teach here.  The past six weeks were beyond-descriptively amazing.  Elder Richards (meu companheiro) left this morning for Washington.  It was hard to say goodbye but I know he'll serve well.  There are five left (of 13) from our district, and we all leaving tomorrow morning.  Every night we meet together and sing "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" before leaving for different parts of the country.  When we all get back I want to start a barber shop quartet (or octet - 8 are going to BYU) with our district.  Our residence is kind of like our house in that there is always someone singing beautifully.  And 1M (the main building) is like our house in that there is always someone playing the piano beautifully.  The time I've had with my MTC district has been so much fun & super spiritual.
So excited for Bryce going to Brasilia!  Elder Shipley and Elder Clayson from my district are going to the mission home in Brasilia when they get their visa. Hopefully he'll still be there when they arrive.  Elder Clayson is my companion until tomorrow.  He is awesome.  Wonder what the chances are he'll also be companions with the elder Elder Young.  I've shown them a couple of his letters and they know to look out for him.
Mom, I'm glad your talk went well in stake conference!  Thanks for sending it.  I'm looking forward to reading it on the plane.  I also have to ditto what Bryce said about General Conference.  I came to conference with lots of questions and they were each answered.  I've learned that principle applies to prayer and scripture study as well.

Haha, Blake, thanks I'll try to remember to not gamble.  It's crazy that we were just in Las Vegas a couple months ago!  It will be fun to go back - I'll look for Seth Waite too.  A lot of missionaries here have told me to look for family and friends in Las Vegas.  I'm excited to meet so many new people. 
For the last time, the five of us went to the Provo temple this morning.  I always love going to the temple.  I've had so many special experiences - every time I learn something new.  We did sealings again and I realized the blessing it is to be born in the covenant.  I know that those blessings are real.  Thank you Mom & Dad for being married in the temple. 
I am still amazed at all the "tender mercies" I see every day.  God is in the details of our lives.  If you look for the ways He blesses you, you will know He is there and cares for each of us individually.  We're children of God.  That's why He loves us.  That doctrine is so simple, yet filled with implication.
Thanks for the many prayers; I pray for you often as well.  Good luck this Thursday, Ben!  Enjoy a four day week - I'll let you know when I get to Las Vegas!

p.s. Something that is kind of neat that sums up my experience at the Mission Training Center is the acronym MTC...MTime with Christ.  In reality, we live our entire life with Christ by our side, but never have I felt Him so near as I have here at the MTC. 

Ate logo e com amor,
Elder Young

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