Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Provo MTC!!!

Who needs a bike?
Elder Young and Elder Engle at the MTC

Elder Oryang (going to Mozambique) and Elder Young
Brandyn's district

Elder Kamilos, Elder Young, and Sister Davis from FAYETTEVILLE
The District !!!
Elder Young
Elder Richards(Brandyn's comp) and Elder Young
This is the editors addition:  Out of all of the MILLIONS of missionaries that have gone through the MTC over the decades Elder Brandyn Young broke this record!  The previous record was 133 reps in the hour they have for PE and Brandyn did yes 1351reps of 150lbs.  !! It is not a typo!!
This is the plaque on the wall at the MTC - he beat two records
                     He did 1,704 sit ups in an hour and the old record was 1,701!!

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  1. Jeni, the records are amazing. How long did he have to do the bench press?