Friday, November 29, 2013

A message to our family about Brandyn from a wonderful family in Vegas!

Hi Elder Young's mom :)
 We had the missionaries over for dinner last night and since your son is going to Brazil, and my hubby served his mission in Brazil, we wanted to make him a Brazilian dinner! So we made Feijoada! That was my husband's favorite meal people used to make for him when he was on his mission. Elder Young and my hubby had a great time talking about Brazil and the food and the people and the language. I know your son is anxious to get there, but we are so happy and blessed to have him here in Vegas and in our ward while he awaits his Visa. He's doing really well and teaching the Gospel with the spirit so strongly, I know he's touching many lives and looks very happy! He can play the piano so beautifully and that has been a blessing in our ward too. The canned soda in the picture is also a Brazilian drink and he loved it too :) He really wanted me to email you this pic. He said "My mom would be so excited to see this pic!!" 
 So he's doing great and we're loving having him in our ward :) 
Amber Hagfeldt 

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  1. That's so wonderful to hear from a member like that. It happens in the U.S. much more (well, I only heard from members with Terra, never from Drake in Poland) -- so enjoy it while you can!