Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tinham uma feliz anno novo! (new pictures)


It was great see you on Christmas!  I'm amazed at how much you've each grown in only four months.  It's kind of crazy to think it's already been 4 months! Time's definitely flown.  Blake, I foresee by the time you leave on your mission, you'll be the number one shot putter in the nation, and still choose to serve a mission over going to the Olympics.  It was fun to hear you all play piano too.  Brooks and Braxton, you've gotten really good.  Ben must be teaching you or something.  :)

Glad you had a good Christmas.  I was happy Rynda could be there to translate elder Elder Young's & my Portuguese.  It was neat to hear Bryce's testimony in his now native tongue. :) When you have the chance to focus on others for two years, helping them to change, you are the one changed the most.  

We've been praying a lot to find new people to teach and this week we found an amazing family.  They are Muslim and have very strong religious beliefs.  They love learning new truths, and it's evident they love God and want to do all they can to draw closer to Him.  Every time we go to their house, Nagi, their dad, goes "Brothers!  Salama likem.  How's it going!?  Come on in."  Nagi's name in Arabic means "beloved friend."  We have lots of really good discussions.  They came to church this Sunday and really enjoyed it.  

We were blessed to find six others to teach; I wish I had time to tell you about each.  It will be hard to leave this area if I get transferred on the 7th.  The people here are so amazing.

This week's scripture:

"For the Lord hath heard thy prayers, and hath judged of thy righteousness, and hath sent me to declare unto thee that thou mayest rejoice; and that thou mayest declare unto thy people, that they may also be filled with joy."

Mosiah 3:4

This scripture came as an answer to prayer.  We were able to find many people the morning I read that to "declare [the Gospel (good news)] that they [could] also be filled with joy."  

Hope you are having a good Christmas break - have a happy new year!


Elder Young the younger
Elder Young loved getting the pillow case from the primary from Fayetteville 1st ward and the pictures from Braxton and Brooks!

Las Vegas at night

Cute little reindeers Elder Young and Elder Payne passed out as the went caroling

Elder Young's 1st Christmas in the mission field -stockings made by mom!

Merry Christmas!

Elder Erickson

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