Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Hope you all had a good holiday.  Thank you mom for the Easter package.  It was perfect.  I remember going to Jen & Lynars with the Brooksbys on Easter last year like it was yesterday.  Good luck today in track and maxing in football Ben!  We'll have to arm wrestle when we get back. :)  Elder Jacobs and I created an object lesson to teach the 3rd lesson in Preach My Gospel that involves arm wrestling.  

Blake, you'll have to send me some poems so I can use them in lessons!  I'm glad you're enjoying choir.  Good luck too to the twins today (tongue twister) at baseball and get better from your allergies. There's a member here who cured my companion of lactose-intolerance just by talking to him (she is a hypno-therapist).  It was pretty crazy.  Maybe you can go to a hypno therapist and have your allergies cured.  That'd be weird.

Another good week.  I really haven't had any "bad" weeks on my mission.  Just a couple challenging ones.  Challenging eventually equates to good though anyway.  

This week was full of exchanges.  I love exchanges because it gives us the opportunity to learn from many different perspectives.  Each area and Elder is unique in the way they help others come unto Christ.  

This is a poem written by one of our members, Sister Zohner, that she shared with us during a lesson:

How will I ever know
The way that I should go
Where can I turn to ease my troubled heart

Though young, only fourteen
And as strange as it may seem
The desire was great within my heart to know the truth
Many choices did surround me
many voices did confound me
that I would choose in the impatience of my youth

I found the scriptures held the key
To the question troubling me
If ye lack wisdom, ask of God He'll give it unto thee

James 1:5
If any any of you lack wisdom, let him as of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and 
Upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

I did reflect upon His words 
I followed the small voice that i heard
In wooded grove I offered prayer on bended knee

SEIZED by a darkness that did assail me 
I feared heart and soul would fail me
Fighting despair, I sought the Lord to avail my need

A pillar of light o'er my head shone
an unworldly brightness I'd never known
and two glorious personages in the air my gaze did see

One spake my name and beckoned near
To acknowledge on He held so dear

I did then ask which was the way
Which one should I choose this day
To this He answered none will do; the answer's nay

To join with any, His lips forbade
and as the light began to fade
Upon the ground, I weakly laid in Heaven's view

I told my mother all was well
My wondrous story I did tell
and though the powers of darkness combine against me, I will be true."

 (Copyright Sister Zohner)

After she shared that poem, we sang "Joseph's First Prayer."  It was amazing.

Enjoy the week!  Have lots of chocolate bunnies and candy bars.


Elder Young

p.s. (new favorite mormon message)

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