Sunday, April 13, 2014

Loving the new area

Mom!  It was an awesome first week.  This area is nicknamed the Celestial Kingdom by missionaries who have served here.  The members take care of you like no where else.  It's really nice to have so much fellowship for each of the people we are helping to baptism.  I miss the people in Mountain Shadows, but love the people here too.  

Thanks for sending an Easter package!  Anything is good. Healthy snacks I usually eat the most of.  Thanks for sending the Mormon messages too and all the other packages you have sent.  Pictures/things to decorate the wall, & maybe a tshirt.  I am trying to think of other things I need, but I really don't need much.  If everyone in the family invites a friend to church (even if they say no) that'd be everything I want for Easter. 

Thank you Mom for everything.  I thought I already knew, but being on a mission has made me realize how much you do for us boys.

Love you,

 Jacob 3:1-2

Elder Young

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