Sunday, April 13, 2014

More Photos

Elder Gould -He served in the army for two years before his mission.  Brandyn sat by him on the airplane to Las Vegas from Provo.

Elder Goldrup -Brandyn calls him the Latter Day Ammon. He was his zone leader in the North Zone

The Ferre family.  Brother Ferre was my Bishop in the Mountain Shadows ward.  They always have us over for ice cream.  Amazing family!

The Wolfskills!  Kyle, on the right, was baptized last month and fellowshipped by the Wolfskills.  They are so  funny.  Especially Sam, the young biy with the M&M shirt.  They weren't active 6 months ago, but as of last month & Kyle getting baptized, they come to church every Sunday.  Without fail, they would give us chips and salsa when we visited.  Kyle's mom and brother are now taking the lessons on the other side of town.

The Cocrans!  Brian, far left with jacket, would go out with us a lot on visits.  Elder Phipps  and Elder Young

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