Sunday, May 11, 2014

Awesome week

Bryce!!! & family.

Welcome home!!  Loved seeing the pictures.  That must be so weird to see everyone after so long!  Brooks and Braxton you look so tall!  & Blake and Ben.  Mom & Dad are the only ones that stayed the same height. :) That makes me happy you left me a spot in the picture.  If I jumped in though, I would probably have stood next to Braxton!  And not only because I like his socks.

This week has been awesome.  I have been with Elder Wendt & Rushton covering three wards.  Elder Rushton is one of the funniest elders I know.  We started tallying his daily puns with our key indicators :) - he had 11 by the end of yesterday.  One example is when he told me about going to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter 7p2.  People were dressed up like Dumbledore, Dobby, and there were costumes everywhere.  The best one though was a guy dressed as a missionary with a name tag that said "Elder Wand." 

To cover lessons, I usually split from them in the evening to teach.  Usually I go with whomever dinner is with.  It has been odd going to dinners without a companion.  (I'm technically with the priesthood holder at dinner).  Sometimes I feel like their grandkid coming over to visit.  :D

Friday, Darion came with me in the evening - he turns 19 Wednesday and is getting super close to being baptized.  He wore a white shirt and tie just like a normal missionary and helped me teach.  We went to Sister Monson's house and taught about the purpose of missionary work.  Often we incorporate Mormon messages while we teach, so we watched "A Work in Progress" The Spirit was so strong.  At the beginning of the evening when I asked Darion about if he wanted to serve, he said, "Maybe, but probably not, I'm planning to get a head start on college."  By the end of the night he'd say "So, when I go on a mission, will I____?"  It was awesome.  I'm grateful for the Holy Ghost and circumstances God places us in.  He always has a reason.  

Although it has been a bit challenging being the only full-timer over Beverly Glen, I've seen miracles in only a week.  In a week or so I should have a new companion.  

One other cool thing that happened was a Why I Believe Fireside organized locally for people being taught in our zone.  We brought Mary to it and it was amazing.  Mary knew two of the speakers!  One of them was actually on a senior couple mission from Arkansas (Nevha & Don Larsen).  We found out we were at Fayetteville 1st Ward at the same time a year and a half a go.  Pequeno mundo!  After the devotional we gave Mary a blessing.  She should be baptized on the 24th.
Thanks for the many kind emails.  Love you all!

Doctrine & Covenants 58:27,

Elder Young

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