Sunday, May 11, 2014

Elder Young

The wonderful Stanley family

The Temple

We found this lizard and named him squishy


A member in our ward owns a zombie apocalypse store

The Roses -also ward missionaries

Sister Pew -she was baptized a year ago.  The young single adult missionaries are now teaching her daughter

Elder Jacobs and brother Jacks -he gave us rides a couple of times a week when our bikes break down.

The Roses  -ward Missionaries

Elder Young and Elder Jacobs

Brandyn taught about praying and the restoration and at the end of the lesson they talked about how to receive an answer  and they teasingly mentioned that maybe he would see a big sign telling him :) and then they walked outside and saw this truck!!!! What an answer!

Elder Rushton and Elder Young

Before the Why I Believe Fireside -the chapel looks like a Taco Bell 

Elder Larkin and Elder Young

Another Beautiful Las Vegas Sunset

Elder Young's Books

Elder Young and Darion -the room is exactly like the room from Harry Potter when Ron came to rescue him 

The Rosenburgs

Las Vegas Cacti

I ordered a new name tag!

I wore this one out

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