Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Moving to North Las Vegas!

aloHaHola familia,

Thank you for the updates.  Nice job Brooks and Braxton making the All-star team!  & playing in KC.  That's got to be fun.  Are you staying in the Crown Center?  

Have fun Ben at Camp Orr! & Blake on the campout.  & mom planning the reunion.  Bryce it made my p-day jolly to hear you were drinking out of a Disney princess cup while typing the email. The Wittwers used to host sisters, so I may have been drinking OJ out of a similar cup at the exact same time.  Awesome too that you're keeping up Portuguese.  

Well, this week was my last in Beverly Glen.  What an awesome 12 weeks.  I understate to say the people here are amazing.  I'll be going back to North Las Vegas (the Laurel Canyon ward) serving with um amigo, Elder Puga!  I think this will be his last transfer.  He is one of the humblest & most charitable people I know. 

This past Thursday we were allowed to go through the temple with a member we helped come back to church!  To see him dressed in white in the Celestial Room was indescribable. 

We also found out that a member that we go with a lot to lessons, Zach, got his call to Brazil!  The mission right next to ours, Joao Pessoa.  He does language study with us and Brother Wells in the morning at the temple.

With the family reunion coming up I thought you'd like watching this: 

Some of my favorite mission experiences have been, I don't know how to even describe it, moments when others begin to see hope and eternal light come into their life.  Last night, Elder Gwilliam, Michael Wells (putting in his papers in 8 months!), and I shared "Because of Him" with a group our age learning about the Gospel.  It started to click for them that Jesus Christ REALLY IS the Way.  There IS a way to always be at peace.  There IS a way to get relief from guilt and ALWAYS be joyful.  Each of us was crying as we prayed together.  Without purpose otherwise in life, they began to understand that God DOES love them and this life is meaningful.  We sang the song that goes "Our God, is an awesome God He reigns!"  and then we sang "I Believe in Christ" and left them with Enos to read.  

I never knew before my mission how many people are in need - that we just don't notice.  I like Ben's favorite song, "Give Me Your Eyes."  As we slow down and "lift the hands of those who hang down," we begin to understand how much empathy Christ has for those who suffer.  I know He loves us.  

Have a good week!  

Love you all muito,

Elder Young  

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