Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Alma 32:24

Happy late 4th!

Hope you all had good week & reunion.  Elder Puga and I are enjoying Laurel Canyon.  We had a good independence day - there were a lot of fireworks going off over the strip.

It has been fun serving with Elder Puga because he's learning English (from Spanish) as I learning Portuguese.  When I practice teaching O Restauracao to him he understands most of it.  

Another thing I've enjoyed is teaching little kids - almost all of those we are teaching are younger, so we use lots of object lessons and videos about Jesus Christ.  The other day Rahel (he is 7 & his brother, Shahel is 12 - from Fiji) said to me, "I don't really know for sure if Jesus is real; how do you know He is?"  I showed him a painting of Jesus and said "I know He is because He makes me happy.  When I have a bad day He turns it into a good one when I pray."  We then taught them how to pray.  Rahel said the prayer - He said, "Heavenly Father, I know you and Jesus are real because I can talk to you and you make me happy.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

Little moments like that make my day.  Although it's challenging at times, I'm grateful for all I've learned in the mission field.  Like Dad said in the blessing he gave me when I left, I have felt a deeper sense of love for people than I'd ever experienced before my mission.  It's amazing to feel how much Jesus loves each of the people we teach.  I know He lives.  

Love you all!

Elder Young   

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