Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mosiah 3:4


I love the family reunion pictures!  And the Staying Young in Arkansas shirts. :) Good job Brooks and Braxton winning the championship!! and being in the newspaper.  I'm amazed how much you all have grown in I can't believe it's already been 10 months. 

Thank you Dad for sending the stories of you meeting President Monson and Kimball.  Those are awesome.  Thanks also for sending the FBI clearance to Salt Lake.

This week was great.  It's been fun to bring Irmao Smith with us to visits.  He served in Brazil as well, and we practice Portuguese in between visits.  Another thing I've enjoyed is going to district meetings throughout the week - the district leaders in the zone are awesome.  I've learned a lot from their trainings.

On Tuesday the Ishaq family told us they didn't feel ready to get baptized and wanted to take a break from the lessons. We were a bit disappointed, but still had faith they'll pull through. In district meeting, we asked the Civic Center district to pray for them. They have a mighty prayer roll they pray for each day as a district. Friday the prayers were answered! Rahel, the 7 year old boy asked why "the pray-ers" hadn't come recently to their house. Just after he asked, we pulled up right next to them at the stop light. Brother Ishaq rolled down his window and said, "Elders! I changed my mind, do you have time to come by tonight?" They are planning to get baptized on August 2nd.

Elder Puga sings well, so whenever we can we pull up the hymns on and sing along.  Monday nights are always my favorite time to visit people because we get to do family home evening & sing/have snacks.  The Ishaqs feel like family - every time we visit and have to leave for another appointment they say "Wait, sit, sit! eat, eat.  Have some food!"  We usually compromise and they give us a Popsicle on the way out. :)

A scripture I learned from this week is in 3 Nephi 11: 

And again say unto you, ye must repent, and be baptized in my name, and become as little childor ye can in nowise inherit the kingdom of God.
 Jesus Christ even showed a perfect example of this:

Elder Young

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