Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Elder Young got his visa! He is leaving for Brazil on September 19th!

Malo e lelei!

Thanks for the awesome emails.  I always enjoy this time of week ~ when I get to read how you're doing.  Good to hear you're enjoying your teachers. & the craziness of sports, school, & seminary.  Good luck tonight Ben at Alma!  It feels like last year we scrimmaged them my first time at Woodland.  Tell all the coaches hi for me!

The work is going well - this and last week we fasted and prayed those we are teaching would come to church.  Yesterday morning, we had to open the overflow!  So many came.  God "open[ed] the windows of heaven, and pour[ed] out a blessing, [and there was] not room enough to receive it." - Malachi 3:10   Elder Tongi and I were near tears the whole meeting.  God answers prayers!!

Recently we started teaching a Samoan family - the Leteles.  Last night we gave them blessings for help in school this year.  Dess recently broke her femur & is the same age as I when mine broke.  To give her a priesthood blessing with my identical experiences in mind was humbling.  God knows all things, especially how to make "an instrument of [us] in [His] hands unto the salvation of many souls."  We are where we are, right now, for a very important reason.  To make moments matter most, we simply need to find out that reason.  In the blessing Dad gave me in the hospital, he said "through this trial you'll develop deeper empathy for others going through similar circumstances, especially on your mission."  Last night was evidence of that blessing.    

This week we did a lot of exchanges in bike areas, which was fun.  So many crazy experiences talking to people on bikes!  We've met the most amazing people though.  I've grown to love the people of Las Vegas.  Thousands of stories and backgrounds, but one common theme:  All are children of God.  We're surrounded by those we used to know, brothers and sisters.  How could we not love them!

Love you all beyond words!

Elder Young

p.s. My visa arrived.  Leaving September 19th!

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