Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First day back to school

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First day of school!  That's crazy.  It's good to hear you each got father's blessings for the school year.  Those were some of the most powerful moments I remember prior to my mission.  Some of the neatest mission experiences have been giving and receiving priesthood blessings from my companions.  

Twins, that sounds like fun playing 7 on 7 - Coach Patton'd probably let you play for the Bulldogs in a year or two. :)  I remember you would catch almost everyone when playing catch on the trampoline.

That's exciting Seth & Natalie Waite came into town!  We just talked to his cousin/relative about getting a key for the stake center volleyball net last night.  Brother Waite is in the stake presidency here in North.  They are a great family.

Everyone we are teaching is doing well. Last night we had something called a Why I Believe devotional, where 3 people who were recently baptized share their testimonies.  Elder Wihongi played guitar for Elder Wendt, me, Sister Toyn, & Sister Newey in a musical number - Abide With Me, 'Tis Eventide.  I look forward to those devotionals every month.  It's like bringing those we teach to an EFY testimony meeting.  They are so powerful.

Thank you for your prayers every day.  Keep praying!  We feel those prayers being answered.  Angels prepare the way for our plans every day.

Love you all! 

,keew doog a evaH

Elder Young

p.s. Happy Birthday Austin Allen!

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