Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Primeira semana em Brasil

Oi familia e todo!
Thanks Braxton for writing for Mom.  I like the emails you send. :) It´s very strange to write in English.  This week has been amazing.  I love Brazil more than words can say.  It´s so green!  Everyone I´ve talked to here is extremely nice.
I´m not sure where to begin; so many changes since last week!  Thanks for all your emails.  I love hearing from you every week.  Because of limited time, I´ll write one big email. (also here I can´t attach pictures, but when I arrive in Teresina, I´ll send you a bunch!)
The plane ride here went well - I am amazed at how kind and humble the Brazilian people are.  I love them so much already.  I sat with another Elder and for almost 8 hours to Brazil, we shared favorite scriptures and talked about the Gospel with the lady sitting by us.  Everyone I have met loves and is not afraid to talk openly about Jesus Christ. 
It is awesome to be in the CTM de novo.  It brings back many good memories.  In an environment where everyone is devoted to the single purpose to serve God, it is easy to feel close to Him. 
Bishop Causse spoke to us individually yesterday about finding purpose in our mission.  I am serving simply because I love Jesus Christ and my brothers and sisters here in Brazil.  
Elder Richard G. Scott also spoke to us of the power of personal prayer.  How the world would change if every night the whole world prayed! "With all energy of heart" for "the welfare of their souls" and for those around them.  I know prayer is real.  I´ve felt the power that comes from talking with God.  I know He lives.  He cares about us individually; every one of billions of us!  He knows us by name and wants to talk with us. 
To those in Las Vegas (also Cali & Utah), especially the Ishaqs, Keith, Leteles, Irma Tippetts, hope all is well!  (Rahiil and Shahil, how´s scripture journal drawing going?)  Elder Fort is awesome.  I´m happy you have the chance to get to know him.  Of course Elder Tongi´s awesome too but you already know that.
Love you all!  Have a good week. 2 Corinthians 6:4-10
Com sinceridade,
Elder Jovem   

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