Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 10th -Ben's birthday!!


Happy birthday Ben!!

1st line of 100 Years. Holey moley you will be on a mission in 3!  Hope you have a good day.  If I could, I´d send you the Penguin happy birthday song Youtube video.  

The past couple weeks have been very good ~ Janaina was baptized Saturday!  She is the twins´age and is the funniest kid - she still thinks Elder Christie and I are from Disney.  When I showed her dad a picture of us 6 boys he said "I love the Beatles." :)

The work here is very different than Las Vegas but Elder Christie is helping me adjust to the differences.  He also served a couple months in the states, in San Diego.  The only way I know how to describe Elder Christie is that he´s like Blake.  Very funny, happy, and always singing.

Our ward here (Junco) in Sobral is very strong.  I´m amazed at the strength of the youth here.  Many are the only members of the church in their families.  The same with many Brazilian missionaries here.  Elder ?Boccia is one of two active members in his family of 6.

A miracle that happened this week:

It was around 17 hours on Wednesday and we had a lot of people to see before the day was over.  Elder Boccia felt inspired, instead of visiting the people we had planned to visit, to return to our house to get some Sunday clothes for Joao, who was baptized two months ago.  While at our house, Elder Boccia packed 2 of his shirts and pants to give to Joao. We were helping him prepare to bless the sacrament that Sunday.  We went and brought the clothes to Joao.

There at Joao´s place was his friend Leandro.  After talking with him we found out he is a member but hasn´t been to church since he was 16 (he is 20).  It turned out the 2nd pair of clothes Elder Boccia packed was for Leandro. :)  He came to church that Sunday and has been coming ever since!

Last Tuesday we started a weekly piano class for people we are teaching and members of the ward and thier friends.  9 people came!  We brought all the pianos in the church to the chapel.  Four of those who came we are now teaching.  

There is also an amazing lady, Narcin, from Ireland, who came here to help here son´s family who is going through a divorce.  Her husband is a member and they are still learning Portuguese.  We will start a Portuguese class Tuesdays as well before piano.

So many miracles! If I had time to share them all this email would be 20 pages long. I keep a video and written journal to try and remember all the experiences we´re having here.

It is amazing gift all of us have to be an instrument in the hands of God.  I´m grateful for this opportunity God´s given me to stretch myself beyond what I thought possible to help His children.  I know He lives.  I know He loves us with infinite love.  

Love you all!  Mosiah 23:10

Elder Young

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