Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving in Brazil

Love you too!

Hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving.  It was fun getting the emails from Brooks and Braxton.  You guys are already 10!  Holey moley.  That´s  exciting about Brayden.  He´s going to love it.  I think that´s the same mission as where my Provo MTC companion lived.  Yes, the language is coming along really really well.  On fast Sunday I fasted for the ability to understand Portuguese better (to speak the language is easier for me) and ever since I have been able to understand almost everything.  The gift of tongues is real!  So real.  

:) the pizza party in the CTM actually didn´t come because the mail didn´t get delivered in time to notify us.  Elder Christie though and his companion though are teaching a pizza guy so we get free pizza almost every night!

Good luck Blake in your tournament.  I´ve been praying & fasted that you´ll continue to get better.  

It´s good to hear all is well; I would love someday to take you all to Brazil and meet the incredible families & péople I´ve met here and in Las Vegas.  There´s nothing quite like a mission.  Life is good.  The packages should arrive pretty soon - next week is transfers, when they deliver the mail for the transfer. 

Because of time this will be my letter for the week.  Love you all muitos!!

Elder Young

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