Monday, December 29, 2014

I loved the Christmas devotional!

Oi familia!
It´s good to hear from you all - sounds like a super busy and fun Christmas. :)  That´s awesome Blake is doing the Madrigal.  Hope the spelling bee went well with the twins.  and Ben, That´s a good feeling too to be finished with football season.
This week was very good.  President Siedschlag will be coming this week to Sobral.  We´watched the Christmas devotional last week in Portuguese.  The Mormon Tabernacle choir gives me chills every time.  This Saturday we´ll be doing a missionary choir they asked me to lead for a stake activity.  I´m excited for Christmas.  Thank you for the package!  I had Elder Christie open it and take out all the essentials.  I´m waiting faithfully until Christmas to open the stocking.
Many miracles happen every day - I´m writing them in my journal to one day share.  I´ve learned so much on my mission.  I´m amazed it is flying by so fast. 
Have a good week & happy holidays,

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