Sunday, January 25, 2015

Feliz aniversario Bryce

Feliz aniversário Bryce!

Hope you had a happy 22.  I think the last time I saw you, you had just turned 19.  Now you´re married and all grown up & stuff. :)  It made me happy that everyone still kept the tradition of going around the table saying one thing they love about the birthday [man].  Thank you Blake for saying mine for me haha. Enjoy the holiday today & make lots of snow cones. 

Today is transfer day so we´re waiting for the call!  We have a new rule that we have a maximum of 2 hours notice before our bus leaves.  Both of our bags our packed but we both are thinking and hoping that we´ll stay another 6 weeks.  It has been a lot of fun working with the youth in this ward.  We try to do a family night every other night and invite our ward missionaries.  Last Friday was the first mutual activity in a couple years in the ward.  We are trying to get mutual started again - next Friday we´ll be doing volleyball.  Activities are the best way to get everyone involved and excited to invite others to learn about the Gospel.  Parabens tambem to Dad for the willing and brief!

This week´s spiritual thought.  Watching part of this reminded me of the song that I like to play for mom by Steven Curtis Chapman - One Little Heartbeat at a Time.  The good you do reaches further than you know.

Love you all! 

Elder Young

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