Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Dad!

Querido familia,

It was fun seeing you guys this week on Skype!  I especially liked the song.  It was awesome to see Christy, Apryl, Broden, Cassidy & relatives too.  Thanks for sending the photos - that´s awesome that the Vincents´grandpa did the sealing!  I´m glad too you got to visit Uncle Jeff & Aunt Andrea.  I still remember going to Inn n Out Burger with Uncle Jeff & Christy the night before my mission began.  Uncle Jeff told me some neat stories too from his mission on the way to the MTC.  

This week for Christmas we did another choir show de Natal in a city called Tiangua.  Tiangua (Chee-on-gwa) is on top of a mountain, so it was a little colder which felt super nice.  Yesterday also was Elder de Jesus´(my companion´s) birthday.  We made an ice cream cake, and decorated the whole house after he fell asleep at night so that in the morning he´d have a surprize birthday party.  I´ll send pictures when I get access again to a USB/port that can download them.

There have been some very neat experiences the past couple weeks in teaching - especially with Nasrin.  She is from Iran - knows English and is learning Português. It´s been a unique experience to teach Portuguese the Gospel at the same time.  Although she can´t yet understand when she reads in Portuguese, she says she feels at peace every day when reading O Livro e Mormon.

I know that studying the scriptures both personally and as a family every day is the key to pure joy and peace in our lives.  Imagine going a whole day with headphones on, not listening nor talking with anyone.  Or imagine going a day without food and water.  It is the smae with our spirit - it needs to communicate and needs good nourishment.  Only prayer, the scriptures, and sacrament can provide the healrth our spirit needs to be full and happy. & then when we share that goodness we receive ten fold.  (how´s the willing & brief challenge going?:)

I love you all a lot.  More than words can say.  Have a happy new year & HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!

Elder Young 

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