Sunday, February 1, 2015

One of the best weeks in my mission

(translated by Bryce)-the original was in Portuguese
This week was really great. Elder de Jesus' foot is getting better. He is still using crutches and boot, but (I will help him go OR he will go) visit a doctor this week in Teresina. Every night he puts his foot in ice and he even drinks cold milkshakes with his foot in the ice! These past weeks with him were the best ones in [the OR my] mission. I really like working with him. the Elders in the ward helped a lot this week. Every day, an elder from the quorum did exchanges with us. Elder de Jesus visited investigators close to our house while I visited the others that were a little farther away. Many of the priests in the ward are receiving mission calls and the ward is getting more and more excited about missionary work.

have a good week!
- Elder Young

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