Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Elder Young is in a happy little village in the middle of the jungle!

Tudo bem todos!

Parabéns Brooks and Braxton for winning the science fair!  That´s awesome too that you did it about hot tubs.  Also that picture of the snow man Jerilyn made my day.  I´m still laughing at how awesome he looks.  

Codó is an area muito bom.  It is a happy village in the middle of the jungle.  A green Alton.  I feel like I´m living in the city of Enoch.  There are as many churches here as McDonalds in the states!  The sign when you enter the villages says Bem Vindo a Codó, A Cidade de Deus.  It is a group here.  We meet on Sundays in our home - se chama aqui umacasapella.  The members are amazing.  I arrived and already felt like a part of the the family.  The night of my birthday, they threw me a birthday party - 2 birthday parties in a row!  Lots of cake and singing

My companion´s name is Elder Santos.  Now I can say I´ve been companions with Jesus and a sait!  He is awesome.  I feel like I´m companions with Matt Vincent - I think Elder Santos is his Brazilian twin.  He also sings!  We are starting to sing in lessons.

The first week was incredible.  Saturday we met a man that was fighting to overcome problems with the Woird of Wisdom.  He is a week without wusing any alcohol, and smoking.  The lessons with him was very powerful.  He startred to cry and decided he´s going to be baptized the 21st of this month.  HGe came to church yesterday and loved it.  There are salso 3 other families we met this week preparing fort the 20th.

Life is good.  Giod loves all Hihs children and knows the circumstances of each one.  He answers prayers through us.  Each of us has the opportunity to be His hands.  Evrey day seek for the person who´s prayer you need to answer.

Have a good week!


Elder Young

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