Sunday, April 12, 2015

Amai vos uns ous outros

Happy Easter! & Merry Christmas de verdade.

It was fun to hear about your holiday.  Tell the Brooksby´s hi for me!  I hope you all enjoyed conference.  Conference is bigger than the superbowl on the mission and the Saints won.  Thank you Mom for sending off the package.  I have been missing Grandma Sylvia´s vitamin C´s. :)  That´s exciting about Bryce coming down to Arkansas!  Tim Price will enjoy working with him.  Tell the Price´s hi for me too.

This week was very rewarding.  The miracles too continue to pour.  I feel like God is testing me to see how much I´ll remember him even in the good times.  I´ve learned, above about every thing else here in Brazil, to be grateful.  Tuesday we went up to Teresina for zone meeting and stayed in the staff house.  Missionaries call the staff house heaven because it´s like the MTC free agency or premortal life - where all missionaries go before being assigned an area.  It´s also called heaven becuse the shower there has a hot water heater and is next door to a Subway.  It was beyond words good to have a footlong for lunch and pizza at night!  I felt like we had already been exalted and were enjoying eternal life. (which is actually true according to that talk Dad sent:).  

Then to watch general conference was like beans on the rice.  The talk about Captain Moroni in priesthood session reminded me of Daddio.  I know he liked that talk.  Elder Holland´s talk was very good as well and my favorite.

The miracle that happened this week was that an investigator we stopped visiting came to church!  He decided he changed his mind and really did want to be baptized.  He had also been sober for a week which was a goal we had set with him.  I know that the atonement works miracles.  We all desperately need a Savior.  I am very grateful to know Who can make my weaknesses strengths.  and Who can make my sins as white as snow.  

And  if  men  come  unto  me   will  show  unto  them  their  weakness  give  unto  men  weakness  that  they  may  be  humble;  and  my  grace  is sufficient  for  all  men  that  humble  themselves  before  me;  for  if  they humble  themselves  before  me,  and  have  faith  in  me,  then  will  make  weak  things  become  strong  unto  them. - Ether 12:27 

 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord:  though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. - Isaiah 1:18

Love you all.  "Let your soul delight in fatness" (2 Nephi 9:51) reading and watching the conference talks.  They are truly life changing.  Because the Gospel is a way of life.  Living life for Christ leads to the best life lived.  Realism is actually optimism because He lives.

Elder Young

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