Monday, May 25, 2015

Still Serving in Sao Luis :)

Tudo bem todos,

It´s good to hear from you as always.  Brooks, I just saw the picture you drew on a picture in my email. That´s pretty awesome.  Thank you bro.  I´m still in disbelief that my family is so tall.  It blew me away to see how much everyone had grown.  I think I´ll be the shrimp of the family.  Every morning we make protein shakes and eat shrimp every once in a while so that I can stand a chance against Blake in arm wresting.  

This week was very good - Elder da Cunha is one of the most hard working and organized missionaries I have yet served with.  It has been awesome serving with him.  Tomorrow President will be interviewing the missionaries here, so we are excited for him to come.  We used a little bit of time earlier to get organized is why I´m emailing a bit later.  

Luciana was baptized Saturday!  She is very excited to be a part of the church and will be a big strength to the ward here.  Grijalvo will receive the priesthood tomorrow as well.  I am excited for him.  He is very anxious to serve a mission and will start doing visits with us this week!  Mylliane is also helping her parents get baptized.  Please keep praying for Jose and Veranilce for their hearts to be softened and understand that their family can live together for eternity after this life is they accept to be baptized.  

In sacrament meeting we had a miracle happen.  After the confirmation of Luciana and Mylliane, an investigator, Pedro felt that he should be baptized as well.  He came up to us after the meeting and asked to move his baptism to this Saturday!  Please pray that the interview will go well tomorrow.  

There is no more rewarding and renewing work than missionary work.  I can´t begin to describe the joy it is to see the lives of so many changing as they accept the grace of Jesus Christ.  And decide to live the commandments out of LOVE for God.  
God has a special place in his heart for the people here in Brazil.  He´s pouring out blessings here because the people here are so humble and good hearted."  Zion is bound to rise and flourish. The Lamanites will blossom as the rose on the mountains. . . . Every word that God has ever said of them will have its fulfillment, and they, by and by, will receive the Gospel. It will be a day of God’s power among them, and a nation will be born in a day.”
So true.
Love you all!

Elder Jovem

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