Sunday, June 28, 2015

Staying in Siao Luis

Opa família,

Tell Austin & Brooks hi for me!  That was good to get the Picture from Dad - hope they are doing well.  Parabéns também to Blakey boy - I just saw the newspaper article about him.

This week was one of the best of my mission.  We spent 3 days in Santa Inez because it is pretty far away, and interviewed four families to be baptized Saturday!  A family as big as ours was baptized there yesterday.  There are so many miracles happening there.  For now it is a group (soon a branch!), and the missionaries live there in the casapela.  It was very rewarding to serve with Elder Engle for 3 days.  It was amazing to see how much he has changed in 2 years. He has been serving as the group leader there (everyone is a recent convert). I have learned so much from Elder Engle.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ molds us to develop all Christlike attributes.    

We received transfers this morning!  Which is why I´m emailing earlier than normal.  I will stay here in Siao Luis and Elder Avila will live with us here!  My new companion is Elder Lira from Johnville Santa Catarina (Southern Brazil).  Elder Da Cunha will serve with the new president in Teresina.  It will be hard to see him go, it was among the best two transfers of my mission serving here with him in São Luis.

Love each of you,

Elder Young


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Zone Conference

Dear family,

It makes me happy to hear Ben´s off to EFY!  He will like the EFY in Denton.  Tell the Wagstaff´s & the Dobsons hi for me too.  That´s fun that Christy is in Arkansas.  Congrats Christy on completing the first whole year teaching school!  Bryce talked about in his email about knowing now how much Dad does for us, now working 8-5 at Tyson.  Every day I earn greater appreciation for what Dad does for us.  I can now see the many heathly habits he learned on his mission, how they´ve carried on into his every day life.  I know he was a good missionary. I´ve learned profoundly the importance of work.  And I´ve learned that I still have so much to learn. :)

This week was very good - we had zone conference!  The training was on the importance of faith - how absolute faith makes miracles happen.  This week was evidence of that!  It is amazing what happens when we simple follow what we know to be right.  I like the quote from David A Bednar - just be a good boy or a good girl, follow what you know is right, and you´ll be an instrument in the hands of God.  

We just got back from the dentist - Elder Da Cunha took his wisdom teeth out today.  I´ll be working with a member a couple days while he is recovering and then we will both go to Santa Inez to work a day with Elder Engle and Elder Walker!

All is well in Siao.


Elder Young

Traveling to Santa Inez


This Monday we will be traveling to Santa Inez, so we got permission to email a quick email tonight - today Antonio was baptized!  

I will send a picture the next chance I get - He is 92 years old!  and is as healthy as Great Grandpa Bryce.   It was one of the neatest experiences of my mission to see his baptism.  Elder Da Cunhu is getting better - he had another surgery today is why we didn´t travel to Santa Inez this week.  Jose and Veranilce are very close to getting baptized - they came to an activity yesterday after 3 months absent from church on Sunday! Thank you for praying for them.

All is well, 1 Nephi 14:14

Love you all!

Elder Young

More pictures from Brazil

Pday lunch!

Pday Bowling


The missionaries I arrived to the Teresina Mission with

My companhien -Elder DaCunha

I found Raisin bran!woo!

Mylliane got baptized

Elder Gastanadui teaches us to make lunch Peruvian style on every Pday!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

New mission President

Tudo beleza,

Blake you never cease to amaze.  Parabens meu amigo.  I will vote for you when you run for president. :)  I loved the pictures from Branson; that makes me happy Terra got to see Silver Dollar City.  

This past week was amazing.  We went to Teresina for a meeting with President - it was his last before he will go home.  I could feel he gave his heart to every calling he´s been given.  Each of his (three!) missions, he´s given every moment to God.  The feeling we all felt during that meeting doesn´t have words.  I wish I could just capture that feeling, add a little Brazilian culture and send it in a bottle to you, so that you could experience the joy of a mission.  President Mellow will be our new mission president in a couple weeks.  He will be my fourth mission president!

It seems like every week God teaches me a new principle of the Gospel.  Or, really an eternal principle, that becomes new to me.  This week He taught me about the power of faith.  I know that if we are worthy, and have faith in the power of God, He will grant us a miracle.  Time after time after time I have seen this pattern in my mission.  Be worthy, focused, and have faith that God will perform a miracle.   As we do our part, God works the miracle.  

  If ye  abide  in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask  what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. -John 15:7

Any righteous desire we have, whether it be "I want to be a neurosergeon one day" or "I want to get an A in this class" or "I want to help this person be happy," we can fulfull it with faith.  Our part is to then make plans with God and act on those plans.  All things are possible in Christ.
This week we put this to practice in helping people come to church and God did his part.  No one that we invited came to church, but six members brought friends to church who we are now teaching!  

Have a good week.  Love each of you!

Elder Jovem

Happy Birthday Blake!

Aloha familia,

Happy late birthday Blake!  It made me happy to hear they did a surprise party for you.  I bought you a present here the day of your birthday to celebrate.  You are going to like it a lot.
I liked the pictures as well of the twins field day.  I´ll have to race to twins too someday to see if they got as fast as they got tall.

This week I just had time to send some pictures - the rest of the pictures from baptisms are on Elder Da Cunhas camera so I´ll send them the next time I can.  Thank you for the millions of prayers!  It is amazing how specifically and frequently they are answered.  

God lives.

Love you all,

Elder Young