Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Opa familia!

I loved getting the pictures.  That made me happy to hear the Hassells came down to visit with the Dobsons.  Also sounds like fun in Branson for the 4th!  We ate a big cake here to celebrate.  I am still amazed how much everyone has changed in 2 years.  Bryce sent me a photo of the day he left for his mission; that´s the image that I have in my head of how everyone appears! 
Parabens Daddio on the presentation to the vice president of sales.  Giving trainings, etc. on the mission probably prepared you well for that.  I´m now starting to understand how Elder Holland can say there isn´t one day in his life he hasn´t thought about his mission.  

This week.  Wow .  Every day´s so packed with spiritally experiences, we end each day in awe.  Even today while we were sending emails here in the church, a recent convert, Grijalvo, came in and asked for a priesthood blessing.  We showed him a couple mormon messages and gave him a blessing.  His mouth had been hurting from a recent surgery.  After the blessing the pain was completely gone.  God truly is our Father and understands the circumstances of each of His children.  His love is infinite and beyond our comprehension.  

This week we went to the courthouse with Valter and Patricia!  They will be married on the 21st and their baptism the 25th.  Also Viunicius, Susie, and Deborah - please pray for them that they will be prepared to be baptized by that date.  

Today we have been preparing for zone conference tomorrow which is why I´m emailing a bit later (and again without time to send pictures of Antonio & Lorena´s baptisms).  But all is well in Siao. (Luis)  I´m excited to have President Melo here to help the zone.  We went to Teresina this week and had a meeting with him - he is an incredible man & I have a lot yet to learn from him.  

Love you all!
Um abraço forte,

Elder Young   

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm Elder Christie's mom and loved reading about Sobral.