Sunday, July 26, 2015

I love every minute of the time I have here!!

Alo familia!

Hope all´s well in Arkansas.  That´s fun & funny you went to Branson again.  Life is good in São Luis - every day flies by faster and faster.  There are so many people here so ready to hear the Gospel.  I love every minute of the time I have here.  

Tomorrow is Valter and Patricia´s marriage!  Thank you for so many prayers to help them.  I´m excited for them.  Their story will always be a part of my life.  What a neat family.  Saturday will be their baptism.  I´m also excited for Pedro, Viunicius, and Deborah.  Please pray for them as well to be ready by the 1st for their baptism.  There is no work more rewarding than missionary work.  So many miracles and memories made every day.  I am learning so much from every missionary with which I serve.

As there is a chance I´ll be on the bus next pday, heading one last time to Santa Inez with Elder Engle,  I´ll end with my testimony:

I know that Jesus Christ lives.  He is our Savior.  He is called "Savior" because He really saves.  He loves us so perfectly.  I have felt His love more deeply here on the mission than I could ever have imagined, as Dad promissed me in my blessing before I left.  What a neat experience it will be to have a blessing from Him when I get home.  I know Jesus Christ restored His authority and through that authority, we have the ability to return back to our Heavenly Home.  The temple is God´s house - every thing in the Gospel leads to having a happy family in the home.  God´s plan is perfect.  Jesus Christ is the Way.  The only Way to true happiness and eternal joy.  How I love Him.

Love you all!

Elder Young

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