Sunday, August 2, 2015

Families are Forever!

Dear family,

I don´t have many words to say - just a desire to give my all until the very last minute and finish with my whole heart.  What an amazing two years.  I am excited to see everyone soon!  And also wanting so much to have such amazing daily spiritual experiences for the rest of my life.  It is much harder to leave the mission than to leave for a mission.

I´m here in Santa Inez with Elder Engle and the rest of his district - our goal is to strengthen as much as possible the new group here before Elder Engle leaves.  They have 4 new families that will be baptized soon! 

This week Valter and Patrícia were baptized! and married.  There also aren´t words to describe how happy I felt to see Patrícia in tears after lifting her up out of the water. 

I know that families are forever.  I know we are each here for a purpose.  That purpose can be understood through prayer and daily feasting on the scriptures.  I know that Jesus Christ will lead us to eternal life if we follow Him.  The plan is so simple.  And the journey can be so joyful if we strive to keep the commandments because we love God. 

Love you all; until the 5th!

Elder Young

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